The Master of Science in Human Resource Development aims to develop HRD professionals and specialists able to identify strategic individual and organizational capabilities and leverage them through different developmental actions to shape individual and team leadership, build collective intelligence, foster business innovation, and achieve superior performance.


Understand the trends affecting the business environment and human resource development.

Recognize the increasing importance of human resource development in management.

Participate in and support organizational strategic planning.

Design HRD strategies and actions to support the effective achievement of organizational goals and objectives at the national and international levels.

Build HRD tools to leverage human and knowledge resources and to strengthen organizational capabilities.

Master different HRD realms and domains with their respective techniques for individual and organizational performance improvement.

Use information and communication technologies to support the efficiency of different HRD operations and practices.

Implement HRD strategies and actions in alignment with organizational strategic plans.

Evaluate the financial and non-financial results of HRD strategies and actions.

Communicate HRD results to different stakeholders and seek their further support and participation.


The Master of Science in Human Resource Development is designed for new graduates with a first job experience and practitioners alike and presents a natural choice for everyone who makes leadership and management development her/his key career objective. The Master of Science in Human Resource Development will prepare participants for HRD Management, Leadership and Executive positions.


The Master of Science in HRD is designed to accommodate various and diverse learning needs and expectations. The program offers foundation courses, core courses and electives. The core courses are split up into two certificate programs: a first level program focusing on Strategic HRD and Change and an advanced certificate on Leadership and Performance Improvement. Participants also have the choice between four elective courses or two elective courses and a research project to fulfill their degree requirements. Trainees may choose to complete one or both certificate programs without pursuing the Master’s degree. After fulfilling the requirements of each level (First and Advanced) trainees are entitled to receive the HRD Certificate corresponding to their level of study.

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